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Volunteer Stories

If you are a volunteer who would be willing to share your volunteer journey, or an organisation who has wonderful volunteers you can tell us about, please do let us know so we can shout about it!

Photograph of Anthony, sat down, smiling at camera.

Uncovering the past: Anthony's story

"To be involved with literally uncovering the past is something that I will always be grateful for."
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Championing mental health: Clare's story

I'm incredibly grateful for all the opportunities and support I've been given; I don't see a future without ...
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Photograph of Kate packing bags of food.

Nourishing communities: Kate's story

"It’s good to know that what you're doing is having a direct impact on people's lives."
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Dead hedging on the Quantock Hills

"By encouraging corporate volunteer groups to explore nature restoration, we are setting a powerful example ...
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Adam's story

“My volunteer work has not only enriched my CV but has also been personally rewarding. It has provided me with ...
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Somerset Diverse Communities presentation

Diversity in volunteering

Create a more inclusive and welcoming volunteering environment that reflects the diversity of your community.
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Michelle's story

Anyone can become a Trustee, regardless of their age or background! Michelle’s trustee career began in her ...
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Photograph of Terrence volunteering in the garden with other volunteers

Terence's story

I just couldn’t give up on life when there are others to whom I could offer my many years of experience to ...
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Photograph of Sara

Sara's story

"My personal experiences have instilled a strong desire to ‘pay it forward’ and ensure that others have the ...
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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th every year, is an opportunity to raise awareness about ...
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Carole's story

"My own mental health has greatly improved since I started my volunteering and I no longer need a counselor ...
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Joanna's story

"Thanks to my volunteering, I am busy, fulfilled and feel part of a community that I really care about."
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Volunteer Voices panel

A big thank you to those who attended our July Volunteer Coordinators Forum, especially our wonderful ...
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The Turner & Townsend team visit West Hatch Animal Centre

"On the volunteering day, we got to meet new people and work together as a team towards a great outcome."
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Photo of Lara next to the Move More Together logo

Moving more together

"My volunteering gives me a feeling of self-worth and appreciation for life."
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Nick's story

They are more than just a mix of metal, plastic and glass!
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The power of listening: Maisy's volunteering story

I find myself looking forward to my shifts because the feeling you get when you have helped make a stranger ...
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Alison at a carers group

Alison's volunteering story

"It has given me a lovely group of friends and makes my ‘bad years’ worthwhile."
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Mary's story

I enjoy volunteering with Alive because I can utilise my area of interest and expertise to help others ...
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Abby's volunteering story

“I would recommend that others volunteer as you learn a lot about yourself as well as gaining valuable ...
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The Big Help Out at Thurlbear School

Earlier this month, as part of The Big Help Out campaign, thousands of organisations and community groups ...
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Volunteer at Haynes Motor Museum

Wayne shares his love for cars and volunteering

“It is a great buzz working with the team and meeting like-minded friends."
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The EDF team on the Quantock Hills

Adder surveying on the Quantock Hills

"It was wonderful to be out of the office for the day in the fresh air and surrounded by nature on the ...
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The Novanta Technologies Team visit The Geranium Trust

Earlier this year, a team of volunteers from Novanta Technologies braved the cold to enjoy a day of tree ...
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The Lendology team at ARK

The Lendology team visit ARK at Egwood

Lendology is a not for profit organisation working in partnership with local councils to provide affordable ...
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The Positive People Team

The Somerset Positive People team visit Carymoor Environmental Centre

“We contacted Spark Somerset as we were looking for a volunteering opportunity that would help us get outside ...
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Chris Malin

Chris's Story

"I think if you have received help that has been of a benefit to you and established a strong ‘wellness ...
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 Johanna Pereira

Johanna's Story

“I recommend that others volunteer as not only is it a great opportunity to be part of something bigger and ...
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Image shows two volunteers dressed in Christmas jumpers hugging each other and smiling at the camera.

Gill's Story

Read how volunteer, Gill, is making a difference to the lives of local children and parents this festive ...
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Esther's story

“I get to meet and chat with some really lovely and interesting people, and I really enjoy seeing volunteers ...
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Photograph of Louise

Louise's story

"Trusteeship gives me a focus and a sense of achievement and has enabled me to meet loads of fantastic ...
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Photo of Karuna at an event

Karuna's Story

“Being part of the team here has allowed me to learn, form deep friendships, make a small difference towards ...
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Photograph of Grahame

Grahame's Story

Grahame is Chair of Trustees at Spark Somerset and has a career spanning health and social care, education, ...
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Photo of Alison planting a tree

Alison's Story

Since retiring, Alison Templeton, who worked in a variety of roles within local authorities, has returned to ...
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Photo of Sue and her dog, Florence

Sue's Story

“If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, I would highly recommend it. You can pursue your interests and ...
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Photo of Sarah

Sarah's Story

"It’s empowering to know I that can use my skills for the benefit of the school, my son and other children ...
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Photo of Linda at an event

Linda's Story

Linda Pigott-Vijeh has a background in publicity and marketing and has been a Trustee for various charities ...
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Natalie and a rescue dog at St. Giles

Natalie's Story

Natalie, a solicitor from Taunton, has been a Trustee with St. Giles Animal Rescue since June 2020.
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Photo of woman looking away from camera and into distance

Gabi's Story

Gabi was referred to the Open Mental Health Buddy scheme by her local job club. Due to long-term physical and ...
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Harmony Fire team

Harmony Fire visit ARK at Egwood

"It was hugely beneficial for the team’s wellbeing. There's lot to be said for being outside in fresh air just ...
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Picture of a rescued hedgehog

Esmee's Story

Esmee, a level 3 Animal Studies student at Weston College, started volunteering with Prickles Hedgehog Rescue ...
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Jane's Story

Volunteers’ have played a key role in the pandemic response. During an exceptionally difficult year, people ...
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Photo of the beach

Sarah’s Team Beach Clean

Now that her team can meet in person again, Sarah wanted to ensure that their first get together in 16 months ...
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Photo of Ellimae

Ellimae's Story

Today is Power of Youth Day, an annual celebration of the contributions children and young people make through ...
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Photo of Mel

Mel's Story

At the heart of every charity and voluntary organisation is its board of trustees and together, they have one ...
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Picture of Simon

Simon's Story

Simon, known as ‘Woody Simon’, has been volunteering with ARK at Egwood CIC for about 2 years. Having spent 40 ...
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Alex holding a puppy

Alex's Story

Alex regularly volunteers in the natural environment, and for him the experience has been life-changing ...
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Photo of Megan

Megan's Story

Guest blogger, Megan Cave, shares her volunteering story
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Photograph of the High Sheriff of Somerset

Message of thanks from the High Sheriff of Somerset

A letter from the High Sheriff of Somerset to volunteers supporting the local vaccination programme ...
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Celebrating Somerset's Vital Volunteers

Spark Somerset have produced a special video to say a big 'thank you' to volunteers across Somerset.

Spark ...
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Getting the most out of volunteering

You’re donating your valuable time, you want to get the most out of it, so it’s important that you enjoy and ...
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Volunteering from home

Why volunteer from home?
The benefits of volunteering from home are immense, especially at this challenging ...
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Why People Volunteer

If you ask a random selection of people why they volunteer, they will give a huge variety of reasons why they, ...
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Virtual Volunteering - Getting Started

Volunteering has changed dramatically over recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. From serving ...
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Get creative with volunteering opportunities

Getting new volunteers on board is an exciting, yet challenging, task. To turn clicks into volunteers you will ...
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