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Post | November 2023 | Trustees | 2 min read

Michelle's story

Written by Laura Bazley

Anyone can become a Trustee, regardless of their age or background! Michelle’s trustee career began in her 30s, when she decided that she wanted to give back to her community, and bring a fresh young perspective. Here’s her story: 

"I'm a trustee and the treasurer of Somerset Community Foundation, which means I take ultimate responsibility for the finances of the organisation, overseeing the finance and audit function. I also do some more functional things such as approving bank payments and reviewing budgets and management accounts, as well as some higher-level work around governance, and occasionally sitting on our Hinkley Point C grants panel. 

"I was inspired to take on a role as a trustee from a desire to be involved in charities that help so many people, to have a younger viewpoint on the board and to learn and inspire others. 

"One of the things I enjoy most is meeting people from different walks of life and learning from them. Hearing other experiences and viewpoints is invaluable. 

"Becoming a trustee is often thought of as a way to give back, but it’s so much more than that - it's an opportunity to learn and develop yourself whilst helping others. 

"Trusteeship has benefited my career immeasurably. It provides insight, develops my communication (especially listening!) skills, and adds experience.

"I would definitely encourage anyone to consider becoming a trustee, no matter how old you are. So often I speak to young people who don’t feel that they have as much to add to an organisation as more experienced trustees, but what they add is invaluable - a different perspective and a different thought process. Be proud of that!" 

Mary Hancock, Operations Director of SCF comments: 

"Michelle’s deep understanding of all things charity finance makes her ideally placed to serve as Somerset Community Foundation’s treasurer. But it’s actually her ability to help other trustees interpret the numbers, her patience and open-mindedness, and her passion for increasing the diversity of voices around the boardroom table that make her an ideal trustee.”  

To find out more about becoming a Trustee in Somerset, please click the link below. 

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