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For organisations

Spark a Change is the ideal platform for you to attract, recruit and engage with a wide range of enthusiastic and engaging volunteers who can make a positive contribution to your charity or community group. 


This digital volunteering platform allows you to showcase your opportunities in one place that will be visible to thousands of potential volunteers across the County. 


The process is quick, easy and free. 

Please also check out our FAQs page for more information.

Volunteer Quote

Follow these 4 simple steps to start recruiting great volunteers...

Add your volunteering opportunities

Include information about the different opportunities you have available. Think about what might attract the volunteer and include as much information as possible about the type of person/people you are looking for. 

Find volunteers in the volunteer pool

The volunteer pool is a great functionality for organisations to actively seek volunteers. In this volunteer pool you can find volunteers that have agreed to be contacted by you as an organisation.

Share on social media

Share the link to apply for the opportunities on your social media channels and the Volunteers in Somerset Facebook group. 

Make direct contact with your applicants

You will get a direct message in your inbox to tell you when volunteers apply. Log back into Spark a Change to get in contact with your applicants. 

Step by step guide for organisations using Spark a Change

Download the link below for a step by step guide for navigating around the site

Share your success

Tell us about the great volunteers you recruit so we can create case studies and stories to inspire others! Get in touch with the volunteer team at [email protected]

Sparking ideas

Volunteer Pool Function

Our volunteer pool function allows organisation admins to reach out to potential volunteers, increasing the chances of finding the perfect volunteer! Click here to find out more about the volunteer pool.




Help Articles

Click here to explore our range of help articles to allow you to get the most out of Spark a Change.


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Now you've recruited...

We know that volunteering is more than recruiting volunteers. If your organisation would like to discuss other support, to help look after and get the best out of your volunteers, our friendly Volunteering Team would love to help.

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