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The volunteer pool for organisations

What is it and how does it work?

1. Register your organisation

To register an organisation you first need a personal account.

2. Post an opportunity

This can be done immediately after your organisation has been approved and activated.

3. Find volunteers

You can reach out to the people in the volunteer pool yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reach out to everyone?

You can reach out to anyone in the volunteer pool, however, you can only reach out to someone once per activity and you cannot make more than 5 'reach outs' per day, per organisation.

A volunteer cannot have more than 5 open registrations at the same time. This is to prevent potential volunteers from being approached too often, causing them to possibly leave the pool.

In addition, your 'reach out' must always be linked to an opportunity. This is to prevent volunteers from being spammed without a clear reason.

What should I pay attention to if I want to approach volunteers in the pool?

You have the best chance of finding a volunteer if you take their wishes into account. You will be able to see in their profile the interests they have and the activities they enjoy. Consider this and read the piece of text in which they introduce themselves.

You can also see whether someone is a member of an organisation and whether that person has already undertaken activities before (via this platform). These can all give an indication of how likely it is that someone is interested.

Are all users in the volunteer pool?

No, there are plenty of volunteers who have not signed up for the volunteer pool. They prefer to search by themselves or be assisted by one of our employees.

The moment a volunteer is matched via the volunteer pool, he/she is automatically removed from the pool. The goal is to have only people who are actively looking in the pool.

I am not receiving any responses, what now?

People automatically get reminders if they don't respond. If someone never responds to notices, that person will be automatically removed. This way, the pool only remains filled with people who are really looking.

Our tip is: Take a good look at the profiles and try to approach people as specifically as possible. You can also try to adjust your activity (description / images) to make it as attractive as possible.

Furthermore, people also start looking for a suitable activity themselves, and not just on this platform. Keep sharing your activity, especially on social media. Maybe the perfect volunteer is not yet familiar with our platform!