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Post | June 2021 | For volunteers | 2 min read

Ellimae's Story

Written by Lindsey Brown
Photo of Ellimae

Ellimae, a Level 3 Health and Social Care Student at Yeovil College, started volunteering at Yeovil District Hospital (YDH) in September 2019 as a participant of Patient Voice, a small team of volunteers who collect feedback from patients cared for treated at the hospital. This eventually led to her securing a work placement at the hospital.

Here she explains the role of a youth volunteer at YDH and why she volunteered. “I care about patient’s experiences and voices and YDH offers an opportunity to ensure these are heard and listened to. Once I had a patient’s feedback I enjoyed sitting and talking with them especially those who didn’t get visitors. I liked to get to know them and discuss subjects they noticeably took joy in. 

“I then volunteered for another programme organised by YDH aimed at patients with dementia which involved me visiting wards pre-Covid-19. I would sit with them and support them to do activities such as colouring and talk to them, often about events in the news.  

“My latest role within the Hospital was as a Main Receptionist Courier, supporting the Hospital during Covid-19. I ensure that everyone who enters YDH is wearing a mask correctly, has used sanitising gel and know where they’re going and have permission to be entering those departments. I also help patients to and from appointments and deliver packages brought in to the non-affected Covid 19 wards.  

“All volunteers and staff ensure the iCARE values (Communication, Attitude, Respect and Environment) are abided by at all times. From either collecting patient’s feedback or greeting them at the main reception, we as volunteers uphold these values constantly. This ensures the trust’s vision and priorities are consistent throughout the hospital and its staff.

“I like to volunteer as I enjoy helping people and being useful. My ambition is to make positive changes and make a difference"

“I like to volunteer as I enjoy helping people and being useful. My ambition is to make positive changes and make a difference and my dream career is to be a Nurse and Midwife and so, as soon as I saw the volunteering role advertised, I wanted to apply and get involved. 

“I want to work at YDH in the future so by volunteering I gained an advanced understanding of how it functions and have also become familiar with the staff and what each department does.  

“Volunteering at the hospital is so rewarding. It has benefitted me by boosting my confidence and helped me gain new skills, as well as developing my existing ones. This encouraged me to apply for other volunteering roles and gave me a rewarding feeling knowing I have helped the hospital in some way.  

“I would highly recommend volunteering for anyone of any age. If you have the passion to want to help people and learn new skills then volunteering is definitely for you. 

"If you have the passion to want to help people and learn new skills then volunteering is definitely for you."

Krystle Pardon, Head of Patient Experience and Engagement says of Ellimae:

"she is valued member of our team with a great personality. She welcomes patients and visitors to the hospital and answers any queries they have, making them feel at ease and treating everyone with the utmost respect.” 

If Ellimae's story has inspired you to get involved in volunteering, click on the link below.

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