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Post | December 2023 | Home Page | 1 min read

Diversity in volunteering

Written by Laura Bazley
Somerset Diverse Communities presentation

During our November Volunteer Coordinators forum, we welcomed Somerset Diverse Communities and engaged in insightful discussions regarding diversity in volunteering. Here are a few tips that emerged from our conversation:

  • Inclusive Outreach: Broaden your outreach efforts to reach a more diverse audience. Utilise various channels, including community centers, cultural events, and social media, to attract volunteers from different backgrounds.

  • Flexible Opportunities: Offer a range of flexible volunteering opportunities to accommodate various schedules and commitments. This inclusivity allows individuals with diverse backgrounds and responsibilities to participate.

  • Language Accessibility: Ensure that all communications and materials are accessible.

  • Representation Matters: Showcase diversity in your promotional materials, website, and other communication platforms. Seeing diverse faces encourages individuals from various backgrounds to consider volunteering.

  • Diverse Leadership: Encourage diversity in leadership roles within your volunteer program. This not only brings different perspectives to decision-making but also serves as inspiration for potential volunteers.

  • Feedback Mechanism: Establish a feedback mechanism where volunteers can comfortably share their experiences, concerns, and suggestions. This helps in continuously improving and tailoring the volunteer experience for everyone.

  • Celebrate Diversity: Acknowledge and celebrate cultural festivals, awareness months, or significant events related to diversity. This demonstrates your organisation's commitment to inclusivity.

  • Partner with Diverse Organisations: Collaborate with community groups, cultural organisations, or religious institutions to build partnerships. This can create a network that facilitates diverse volunteer engagement.

  • Accessibility Considerations: Ensure that your volunteer opportunities and events are physically accessible and considerate of different abilities. This ensures an inclusive environment for all volunteers.

By implementing these tips, your organisation can create a more inclusive and welcoming volunteering environment that reflects the diversity of your community.

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