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Post | November 2021 | Trustees | 2 min read

Linda's Story

Written by Kerry Wills
Photo of Linda at an event

Linda Pigott-Vijeh has a background in publicity and marketing and has been a Trustee for various charities and organisations over the past 14 years, including the Taunton Samaritans, Ilminster Literary Festival and Chard Museum.  

“I was originally associated with Chard Museum because I was the appointed District Councillor representative for the Museum and loved it so much that I decided to be a Trustee! Likewise, with Ilminster Literary Festival I chose to become a Trustee as I am absolutely obsessed with books and reading – having read over 250 books during lockdown! 

“I focus on publicity and marketing within my Trustee roles as I have an extensive background in this area. I used to work for a large local newspaper as their regional sales trainer and currently work for a media organisation, so I can use my skills and experience to help keep the charities I am involved with in the public eye. 

“I also help with fundraising, a lot of which is done through community events such as quizzes and wine tastings. This takes up a lot of my time, but I enjoy doing tasks I can have ownership of and do at my own pace.  

“If you want to be involved in your community, trusteeship is a great way to engage with people."

“For me, the time commitment is flexible and really depends on what is currently happening. Normally we meet every other week, but leading up to an event, you may have to offer a bit more. During the week of the Literary Festival, I might put in 10 – 20 hours which I really enjoy. 

“I’ve been a Trustee for about 14 years and in that time the way organisations are run has changed significantly, so it’s been a real learning curve. At the Museum, we have grown so much that we are now able buy the building. This is very exciting as we will have a lot more autonomy over how our organisation is run and how we do things.” 

“I would absolutely recommend trusteeship. If it's something you really care about, and you have the skills, knowledge and time then you should try to help other people.” 

Howard Bailey, fellow Trustee at Chard Museum said: 

Linda has significantly influenced and supported our Museum this year. As well as knowing our Museum extremely well she also understands the wider Museum and Heritage Sector. Her vast experience of local government has supported the Trustees to buy the buildings and focus our activities on our 50 Years and Beyond project. Trustees with specialist knowledge and experience add enormous value to organisations and we are looking for two more Trustees who can make a similar impact to Linda. 

To volunteer as a Trustee at Chard Museum, click here.  

To find out more about becoming a Trustee in Somerset click the link below. 

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