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Post | November 2023 | Trustees | 2 min read

Sara's story

Written by Laura Bazley
Photograph of Sara

Sara is a Trustee at the Milton Mount Foundation which awards bursaries for educational activities and school fees. She joined the organisation as she wanted to contribute her time and expertise to a cause that that she is passionate about; access to education. 


This passion stems from her own feelings of not having reached her full potential at school. However, access to adult learning gave her a second chance to pursue her goals and aspirations. In this blog post, she explains how, by volunteering, she hopes to provide others with the chance to do the same. 


“I welcomed the opportunity to invest my time and effort in to assisting children, youth, and adults in realising their educational aspirations and goals. The significance of how learning empowers us is of great personal importance to me. 


“These personal experiences have instilled a strong desire to ‘pay it forward’ and ensure that others have the same chance for growth and self-improvement.  


“Volunteering as a trustee allows me to channel this passion into action, making a tangible difference in the lives of those who may not have had the same access to education. 


“It's an opportunity to be a part of an organisation's mission, helping to shape its direction and policies, and, in turn, the lives of the individuals it serves. 


"Undertaking a role as a trustee is such a rewarding and valuable way to be able to give back to a charity whose vision and mission you care about and for your skills and gifts to be able to add value to this work. 


"I now have a greater awareness of the vital role of trustees and the ways that charitable trusts and foundations can make such a difference to people's lives." 


Derek Lindfield, Chair of Trustees at the Milton Mount Foundation comments: 


"Sara joined our Board as a Trustee and representative from the Congregational Federation in Nov 2020; we are delighted that she has agreed to stay on the Board for a further term. She has been able to promote the Fund in all sorts of publications, as well as being a committed and diligent member. This has had a positive impact on the ways in which we can support families, children and adults with bursaries for educational needs." 


 To find out more about becoming a Trustee in Somerset, please click the link below. 


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