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Post | February 2024 | Corporate Volunteering | 2 min read

Dead hedging on the Quantock Hills

Written by Laura Bazley

Recently, Dion Bell, Team Lead at international fashion brand Mulberry, came to us for help with arranging a volunteering activity for employees from their Bridgwater and Chilcompton offices. The objective? To deliver an opportunity that would allow the team to connect, give back to their community and make a lasting contribution to the local environment. 


We caught up with Dion afterwards to hear about the day: 


"We had a wonderful time making dead hedges to form a boundary for a footpath on the Quantock Hills. This not only enhanced accessibility to the woodland but also provided a natural habitat for various organisms including mini beasts, fungi, and flora. 


“It was incredibly fulfilling to know that our efforts were not only benefiting the community but also contributing to the preservation of wildlife. The satisfaction of giving back to the community and wildlife was immense. 


“To facilitate the organisation of the volunteering day, we reached out to Spark Somerset, and were connected with the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme (QLPS). This provided us with an invaluable volunteering opportunity that we wouldn't have otherwise been aware of. It streamlined the process and enabled us to make a meaningful impact on our community and environment. 


“The volunteering day not only achieved its objective of supporting wildlife conservation and community engagement but also served as an excellent team-building exercise. The team expressed a sense of accomplishment in learning new skills while contributing to a worthwhile cause. 


“I can't wait to plan another volunteering day! It was a fantastic experience that brought us together as a team while making a positive difference." 


Ella, who is an apprentice with QLPS commented: 


"Spending time volunteering outdoors, working within a team, can work wonders for our mental health, whilst also providing personal benefits through learning a new skill, bettering your team communication, and improving your health and wellbeing.


"Mulberry joined QLPS to learn how to construct a dead hedge, enjoying this task for its wellbeing benefit and for the environment too. Creating a natural barrier from organic material that will provide a habitat for beetles, hedgehogs, birds and small mammals, in addition it will discourage desire lines made by the public, helping to protect ground vegetation and surrounding habitat creating a heathy ecosystem.


"By encouraging corporate volunteer groups to explore nature restoration, we are setting a powerful example about how we can care for our planet and the impact people can make in just one day!’


For information about hosting a volunteering activity for your team, click the link below.

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