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Post | July 2020 | For organisations | 1 min read

Why People Volunteer

Written by Susi Calder

If you ask a random selection of people why they volunteer, they will give a huge variety of reasons why they, in particular, volunteered. Each of us has our own motivation for getting involved. There are some common themes though, and they all point to the same thing. Human beings need purpose. It's one of our fundamental intrinsic motivations!

Volunteers connect themselves to a cause. They want to have an impact on their community and the world around them. They want to feel like they are making difference.

So, when we are looking for volunteers, we should talk to them about why we do what we do. What difference our organisation makes. How they can be part of change for the better.

Of course, people will still want to volunteer for other good reasons:

  • learning new skills and knowledge
  • give something back to their community
  • making friends
  • having fun
  • increase job opportunities
  • be part of a community
  • doing something challenging/new

Let's remember to tell people all the brilliant and wonderful things that volunteering can do!

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