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Post | November 2022 | For volunteers | 1 min read

Esther's story

Written by Laura Bazley

Esther Checketts is Volunteer Coordinator for Taunton Welcomes Refugees, a charity which offers support and friendship to those who have fled war and persecution.

Esther is a volunteer herself and has the important role of supporting new volunteers as they join the organisation.

“My role means I am the first point of contact with potential new volunteers, answering phone and email enquiries seeing them through the training process.

“I get to meet and chat with some really lovely and interesting people, and I really enjoy seeing volunteers thrive and develop in their role. I firmly believe that our volunteers get as much, if not sometimes more out of their work than the refugees we support.

“It is extremely fulfilling and a constant learning curve.

“I am also a Trustee and I really enjoy working with and getting to know my fellow board members. They are an eclectic and interesting group of people and there is never a dull moment!”

Lynne Mayers, deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees explains:

“Esther is our 'front of house' person; usually the one to make first contact with people in great need - and with new volunteers. She is the encouraging person at the end of the phone or sending an email - and the welcoming smile in a first encounter.

All of these qualities are crucial to building ongoing relationships with those we work with. Nothing is too much trouble for her, and she is a star!” 

If Esther's story has inspired you to get involved in volunteering, click on the link below.



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