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Post | November 2022 | Trustees | 1 min read

Karuna's Story

Written by Laura Bazley
Photo of Karuna at an event

Karuna Tharmananthar is a trustee for Climate Action Taunton. Here, he explains how he supports the charity, and how he benefits in return.

“I am the Treasurer at Climate Action Taunton, but at the moment, I am also doing a lot of outreach work and supporting the development of our programmes.

“I wanted to be proactive in response to the climate and the ecological emergencies and to feel that I am doing my bit to tackle the threat that we are facing.

“Our aim is to provide information and increase understanding of the impact of climate change to local residents. We want to demonstrate that people can have a positive and constructive response to the climate and ecological crises.

“Being part of the team here has allowed me to learn, form deep friendships, make a small difference towards making life a little bit better, and do some collective good!

“By volunteering, I am playing my part in sustaining the charities operation and vision.”

To search for a trustee opportunity in Somerset, click the link below.  

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