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Post | May 2023 | For volunteers | 2 min read

Mary's story

Written by Laura Bazley

Mary Jones volunteers with Alive Activities, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of older people and their carers. Here, she explains what motivated her to become a volunteer and how the role benefits her and the people she supports.

“I have been volunteering in one capacity or another since my teens. I suppose it is in my upbringing and my nature to do so. I like the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping someone, whether it be an individual, group or organisation. I firmly believe that if I do a kindness for someone then one day that kindness may be repaid to me when I need it.

“I enjoy volunteering with Alive because I can utilise my area of interest and expertise to help others. I can see that it has a direct impact on a person’s life, whether that is lifting their mood, evoking a memory, teaching new skills, providing a form of exercise, providing an inner calmness through the outdoors and nature and gardening or just providing company and companionship.