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Post | June 2023 | 2 min read

Moving more together

Written by Laura Bazley
Photo of Lara next to the Move More Together logo

When Lara Davis retired from her role as a teacher, she started volunteering to help older people keep active with Somerset Activity Sports Partnership (SASP). Here, she shares her experience of being a volunteer and how it benefits both her, and the person she supports.

“I volunteer as part of the Move More Together project which involves weekly short walks or exercise with a person who has lost the confidence to do it on their own. It just takes an hour of my time each week.

“I have recently retired and like to keep busy. When I was working, I felt I was contributing to the wider society and it gave me a feeling of self-worth. By giving back to the local community through my volunteering I am able to maintain this feeling.

“I really look forward to my weekly walks. I enjoy spending time with the lady I am supporting. Because we walk slowly it gives us both time to enjoy our surroundings; to listen to the birds and see the blossom and flowers bloom. It's like a bit of time out from my busy week.

"I have been pleased to see her grow in confidence she now occasionally goes out on her own. During our last feedback session, she said that she is very proud and positive about the progress she has made.

“I volunteer to give back and help people but then find that in doing so, I meet inspiring and interesting people. My volunteering gives me a feeling of self-worth and appreciation for life."

Jenny Street, Volunteering Project Officer at SASP, comments:

“Move More Together is a lovely programme which matches inactive adults aged over 50 with a volunteer that meets them regularly to provide ongoing one to one support. It has been great to see the relationship Lara and her matched participant have developed, with both of them looking forward to and enjoying their sessions.  Each week, the participant has seen her fitness and mobility improve, being able to walk further and faster as her confidence and enjoyment has grown.”

If you would like to volunteer with SASP, click the link below to see their latest opportunities.

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