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Post | January 2023 | Corporate Volunteering | 2 min read

The Somerset Positive People team visit Carymoor Environmental Centre

Written by Laura Bazley
The Positive People Team

The Somerset Positive People team recently enjoyed a day of volunteering at the amazing Carymoor Environmental Centre in Castle Cary. This was inspired by their company, SeetecPluss’, commitment to volunteering, and their project’s Cross Cutting Themes agenda of sustainable development; limiting the environmental impact of their project and hopefully leaving a lasting legacy. 

The team were tasked with planting 400 trees which it is hoped will create new habitat for the endangered Nightingale.

Jackie Gage, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Carymoor said: 

“As an environmental charity we are very dependent on and grateful to volunteers who give their time to help us conserve and protect our wildlife, so we were delighted to welcome the Positive People team to the Centre.

“They made a fantastic start to our Nightingale Project by planting 400 hawthorn and blackthorn trees. The number of Nightingales in the UK has declined by 90% over the last 50 years and we hope that these birds will eventually make their home at Carymoor. The thickets will also benefit other bird species and rare butterflies such as the Brown Hairstreak which only lay their eggs on blackthorn.” 

Laura Batcha, Learning Disabilities Coordinator, at Positive Pluss said: 

“Not only was it a great opportunity to spend time with my team and get outside of the office/home working space, it was also really interesting to learn about what Carymoor does, meet the passionate staff and volunteers as well as do something good for the environment!” 

Lindsey Fursland, Positive People's Cross Cuttings Themes Team Leader explained why they chose Carymoor Environmental Trust for their team building activity. 

“We contacted Spark Somerset as we were looking for a volunteering opportunity that would help us get outside together as a team and meet our aim of limiting our environmental impact. They suggested tree planting at Carymoor, which was perfect for us and the project. Spark provided us with the necessary contact details, and arrangements were made for a tree planting day on 30 November!


“Carymoor's Chief Executive, Rupert, and the whole team made us feel very welcome. The day started with a team meeting and Rupert delivered an awareness session on sustainability and the work of the centre, which we all found very interesting; a real eye opener in terms of waste, and the great work that can be done to reclaim and re-wild land that was, until recently, landfill.  

"We were delighted to learn that the tree planting activity we were undertaking was to support the aim of creating a habitat specifically to encourage the return of Nightingales. Next, Jackie from Carymoor kitted us out with hi vis jackets, gloves and equipment and then, with some instruction on how we were planting and where, off we went to plant some trees! 

“It was a great day! Cold and a bit wet under foot but the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Working together, we managed to plant 400 trees – fantastic. We also had a lovely lunch and, whilst on site, saw Roe Deer and Great Crested Newts! 

“We would highly recommend volunteering at Carymoor. It’s a great day out for team building whilst supporting the wonderful work the team there do in creating and improving habitats for endangered species and protecting our environment.” 

To arrange or host a group volunteering activity for your organisation, contact the Volunteering Team at Spark Somerset on [email protected].

Click on the link below to see the current volunteering opportunities available at Carymoor Environmental Trust.

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