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Post | November 2023 | Trustees | 2 min read

Terence's story

Written by Laura Bazley
Photograph of Terrence volunteering in the garden with other volunteers

Terence Palfrey (pictured right) began volunteering as a Trustee in 2017 following the sad loss of his partner. This life-altering event prompted him to reassess his priorities and he decided that he wanted to dedicate his efforts to supporting others going through a similar experience. 

So, he founded The Geranium Trust, a charity dedicated to helping individuals facing challenges such as bereavement, loneliness and isolation by offing offer them the support and companionship during difficult times. He shares his story:

“After dedicating many years to working for the charity PDSA and later establishing a successful business with my partner, I found myself at a crossroads when he passed away in 2017.

“This prompted me to reflect on the meaning of it all. I just couldn’t give up on life when there are others to whom I could offer my many years of experience to help and support. So, I set up the Geranium Trust to support those living with bereavement, loneliness and feeling isolated.

“Being a trustee is an honour and a great privilege. I see myself as part of a team, working closely with my fellow board members to manage and promote our work.

“My extensive background, encompassing years as an appeals organiser and as a business owner, has equipped me with the ability to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those who seek our support.

 “I also serve as a charity ambassador, and am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to share our mission, as we, like all charitable organisations, rely on the kindness of others who contribute funds that enable us to sustain our efforts. 

“This journey has not only allowed me to form wonderful new friendships but has also kept me mentally and physically engaged, instilling a profound sense of purpose in my life.

“If you have skills to offer that you think would be of help to others, then go for it and make a positive difference! Giving something back is so rewarding. It's true, giving is so much more rewarding than receiving!”

 If Terrence's story has inspired you to consider volunteering as a Trustee, please click the link below. 

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