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Tools with a Mission

Tools with a Mission

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The charitable work of Tools with a Mission is to collect unwanted tools, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world for livelihood creation. We send around 20 ...

Foreign aid and disaster relief
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Local Group

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Foreign aid and disaster relief
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Tools with a Mission
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A Local Group is a team of people who share our passion for livelihood creating tools and getting together to help in several different ways.

Detailed description

A Local Group is a team of people who share our passion for livelihood creating tools and getting together to collect tools from their area. Many also arrange tool collections at local supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centres. 

Many also offer talks to local community groups and even speak on local radio.

Some groups sort the tools before arranging collection, and some even do some refurbishment, such as grinding off rust and fixing loose handles. 

To start, you need somewhere to store tools, such as a vacant garage or big shed and the enthusiasm to gather together like-minded friends. Our local groups have a great community spirit and are a huge support for TWAM. 

There are so many possibilities as to what the group might do, but the main tasks usually undertaken are: 

1. You will collect tools from requests made by the general public through the TWAM website. 

2. You will promote TWAM locally to generate your own tool donation requests. 

3. You will store the tools and arrange collection by a TWAM van. 

4. You will sort the tools so all broken and unsuitable tools are removed before the van collects. 

5. You will do basic tool refurbishment as facilities and skills allow. 

6. You will visit shows, farmers markets, local events, etc. to promote TWAM and tool donation

7. You will offer talks and demonstrations to churches and other local groups to encourage their support. 

8. You will work with your local Tool Ambassadors, Community Ambassadors and Community Champions to have a real impact on your community, which may include fundraising to support the work of TWAM. 

9. You will offer support to other potential groups who need advice on how to set up and run a group. 

You may not do all of these things, but they are examples of what Local Groups do for TWAM.

Local Groups need a Group Coordinator who will be the first contact for TWAM. They need people who share our passion for tools and our desire to save them from landfill. Ideally, people who can speak passionately to neighbours and friends about TWAM. We are looking for well-organised people who can work together, support each other and share ideas that will get the group off the ground and keep It going.

This is an incredibly rewarding role as you are directly helping people living in ultra-poverty gain the tools that will change their lives. There are not too many volunteer opportunities where the role you do will make a direct difference to people thousands of miles away. However, the tools the local group collects will be in the hands of a trained tailor or craftsmen in Africa, potentially within months. It is quite normal for people to recognise tools they have collected (usually large and unusual ones) being used in Africa in photos in our magazine. That’s the genuine difference you will make.

TWAM will provide training and advice. We will also put you in touch with another local group who will offer advice and support. 

We will invite you to visit your nearest Refurbishment Centre and invite you to Volunteer Days and Open Days. 

We will include you in the Local Group Network, which will offer support and resources to all groups and help them stay in touch with each other. 

We will provide you with leaflets, pull-up banners, and promotional materials. We will also provide a leaflet just about your local group for you to distribute. 

We will provide materials for talks and, if needed, a projector and screen. You will have the support of the Volunteering Coordinator, Fundraising and Communications Officer, and Press Officer. 

You will be offered your own promotional page on the main TWAM website. 

TWAM will help with expenses, such as when needing to purchase grinding wheels for refurbishment, basic tools for refurbishment, and expenses if attending exhibitions. However, we permit local groups to sell unwanted tools to help cover their own costs, and most try to be self-financing. 

We will provide you with TWAM branded polo shirts and fleecees. Finally, it is an amazing opportunity to build friendships, impact your community, and transform lives.

What we will provide to volunteers

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About Tools with a Mission

The charitable work of Tools with a Mission is to collect unwanted tools, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world for livelihood creation. We send around 20 containers filled with over 300 tonnes of tools every year. To do this we rely on a national volunteer workforce and welcome people of all ages and abilities and of any faith and no faith.

We do this because we want to support local people supporting their own communities through sustainable livelihood creating projects. We believe there is dignity through work and the ability to provide for yourself and your family. We believe entire communities can be transformed through training and the provision of tool kits and equipment. As a Christian Charity, we believe that God's heart reaches out to the poor and that He calls us to follow His example. Our motivation is to work with faith and non-faith based organisations to be a refuge for the poor, a safe place to find support, hope and dignity through the provision of tools and equipment