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The Local Pantry Victoria Park

About The Local Pantry Victoria Park

The Local Pantry is a project developed in partnership with local resident volunteers, which aims to stop food going to waste while providing low cost shopping for local residents. We are part of a bigger project in partnership with the other Somerset areas to create 20 pantries across the region.

The Local Pantry combines surplus food and the help of volunteers to create nutritious food parcels for the community. Members of the scheme will receive a weekly food box (The value of the food varies each week and always exceeds the membership fee) at a cost of just £3.50 per week, freeing up more money for essentials and reducing food bills as well as the amount of quality food being wasted.

We have 3 main aims:
1) To improve nutrition and reduce hunger
2) To strengthen communities while encouraging friendships
3) To stop food going to landfill Members are given a time slot between each week to pay for and pick up their food and have access to bespoke recipe cards and cooking information.