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Language Connect

About Language Connect

Somerset Language Connect Supports Learners of English

Somerset Language Connect is a new project aimed at bringing together learners from minority ethnic communities across Somerset, who would like to improve their conversational English, with learning partners who aim to support them. The scheme is completely free of charge and is run by Somerset Diverse Communities, a part of CCS, and is supported by the Somerset Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund.

When learning a language, meeting up with a fluent speaker is the ideal opportunity to practise language skills, learn new vocabulary and become more confident. The Language Connect project does just that, pairing English learners with volunteers, with learning sessions taking place online via a video conferencing platform.

English learners, who are already participating in the scheme, say that it has helped them with their day-to-day life, with finding work and feeling more confident in social situations. For the volunteers supporting the learners, the experience can be very rewarding. It’s an opportunity to learn about people and their cultures and the challenges people face when they come to the UK. There is also the potential for lasting friendships to be made.

Jusna Hussain, Community Engagement Worker for Somerset Diverse Communities said:

“Learning a language on your own can be hard, but by having a language partner to chat to over the internet learners are encouraged keep going and to stay motivated and positive. It’s a safe environment to learn in. Learners get a better understanding of the quirks and nuances of the English language, they can laugh about any mistakes and misunderstandings and start to lose any anxiety they may have about learning another language.”