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Volunteers are a crucial part of our work in communities.


School Governors - various opportunities across Somerset

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This vital role involves attending at least six meetings each year, normally held in the evening. At these meetings, school governors and trustees offer critical advice and scrutiny of the decisions and policies of the school. The role also involves visits into the school or academy during the day to understand how things work. Although all experience is welcome, schools will particularly benefit from volunteers with experience of Human Resources, Legal Services and Finance, helping to ensure that each school or academy has a board with a balance of expertise. If you feel you have the experience or the skills, or know someone who would be suitable, please get in touch with SSE Governance Services to find out more.

The role of each individual is to be a member of a board that is established in law as a corporate body. Individuals may not act independently of the rest of the governance board and the board’s formal work and decision-making is dealt with at meetings.

You will be part of a team that has a strategic role, fulfilling core functions and with the expectation of:

1. Contributing to the strategic discussions at board meetings which determine:

  • The vision and ethos of the school or academy;
  • Clear and ambitious priorities and targets for the school or academy;
  • A broad and balanced curriculum;
  • The school’s or academy’s budget

2. Holding senior leaders (headteacher/deputy headteacher/senior teachers) to account by monitoring the school’s or academy’s performance, this will involve asking challenging questions.

3. Ensuring school or academy staff have the resources and support they require to do their jobs well, including any necessary training or development.

4. When required, serve on panels to:

  • Appoint the headteacher and other senior leaders;
  • Appraise the Headteacher and monitor the performance management of the staff;
  • Consider pupil exclusions;
  • Sit on a final stage complaints hearing.

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Volunteers are a crucial part of our work in communities.