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Somerset County Council

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Volunteers are a crucial part of our work in communities.


Parish Path Liaison Officer - various locations across Somerset

1–10 hrs/wk
Flexible location
Outdoor work
Nature & sustainability
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As a Parish Path Liaison Officer (PPLO) you will volunteer in partnership with Somerset’s Rights of Way team and a parish council. You are supported with a handbook, maps and a toolkit to help look after the local parish or town path network. PPLOs are expected to be able to clear vegetation regularly from around gaps, gates, stiles, signposts, bridges and at other points where paths might become difficult to use. If you have a particularly large area to monitor or you know of other people who want to be involved, you can share the role. By joining our Rights of Way Volunteers you'll make it possible for people to continue to enjoy the Somerset countryside and access rights of way.

As a nominated volunteer from your Town or Parish Council below is a summary of what we ask you to commit to:

  • Carry out minor clearance of the paths and signposts/stiles/gates and bridges by cutting back vegetation.
  • Regularly survey the paths in your Town or Parish
  • Report any problems you encounter, such as broken stiles or missing signs, to Somerset County Council’s Rights of Way team via ExploreSomerset
  • Report back to your Town or Parish Council at least once a year to update them about the state of the local path network as required
  • Annually return the PPLO Activity Log to Somerset County Council’s Rights of Way team detailing what activity has been carried out

Our scheme has been designed to be flexible as we understand that some PPLO’s will be able to spare more time than others. Any help you can offer, alongside help from other local volunteers, will be greatly appreciated.

By being nominated by your parish or town council to take on the role of your local community’s Parish Path Liaison Officer, you will need to actively support the policies and working practices of Somerset’s Rights of Way Team and fairly represent the views of everyone that use the rights of way in your area

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Volunteers are a crucial part of our work in communities.
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