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Companion for our Memories Minibus Clients

Companion for our Memories Minibus Clients

Organisation role · 2 hrs/Week
Upper Breach, South Horrington, Wells, BA5 3QG, United Kingdom
AssistanceAccompanyingSocial contact
HealthWellbeingPeople with disabilities
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Heads Up
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To assist our clients who have dementia, who use our minibus to get to and from Heads Up.

Detailed description

Wednesdays 9am-10.30 approx

Or Fridays 9am-10.30am approx


·       To be welcoming to our clients and help them on and off the

minibus if needed

·       To provide company and support to our clients on the journey as


What you need to have:

·       This role has a minimum age of 18 and will require Heads Up to

carry out a DBS check for you

·       An interest in the work of Heads Up

·       Be naturally patient with excellent listening skills and have good

common sense

·       Have a friendly and outgoing personality, with personal resilience

in sometimes challenging situations

·       Flexibility and the ability to follow instruction


Benefits to you:

·       You will have that lovely warm feeling of knowing you are

contributing to the charity and helping our clients improve their

confidence and become more connected with their community

·       You will be part of a welcoming family of staff and volunteers

·       You are eligible for a volunteer reference after three months

consecutive volunteering


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Getting there

2 spots left.
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About Heads Up

Heads Up provides day services to individuals experiencing mental health issues, including Dementia. In recent years we have developed an Outreach service with a team who are community based. Through creative activity workshops we provide support to enable individuals to establish links to their local community and through learning, gain new skills, develop self-knowledge and tools for personal wellbeing, to access opportunities, to spend time with others and build social networks and to build an awareness of a broad range of social, educational, employment and life choices.