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Post | November 2023 | For volunteers | 3 min read

Callum and Izabella's story

Written by Laura Bazley

Callum and Izabella actively sought a charitable organisation to contribute to for their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Upon discovering Lyme Forward Foodbank and witnessing the exceptional work and services they offer to clients, they were inspired to undertake their volunteering there.

Their volunteer responsibilities encompass a variety of tasks, from packing food bags for clients and dating new stock to packing storage boxes, sorting fresh foods, and laminating posters for awareness campaigns aimed at promoting the foodbank.

Here, Callum and Izabella tell us about their volunteering journey:

"When we first started volunteering at Lyme Forward Foodbank, we didn’t have a very good understanding of what foodbanks were for. However, over the last six months we have learnt so much about the foodbank, how it works, and why people need it so much. We hope that in the future people won’t be needing to rely on organisations like Lyme Forward Foodbank to be able to live. We'd also like to see an increase in awareness about foodbanks, and what they do. 

"Our work at the Lyme Forward Foodbank benefits the organisation because working as a team we are able to provide an efficient service to clients. But it also means that they can spend their money on other important services for their clients because we are volunteers, so they don’t need to pay wages. Our volunteering also means that the foodbank can build links with other organisations, such as the DofE, providing opportunities to take on more volunteers.